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We know that cleaning cigarette butts is not a pleasant task and doing it alone, is even worse! That’s why we want to make it fun for you!

In this contest, you can collect cigarette butts during a week at the time that best suits you.


  1. You register to participate in one of the six clean-ups. Go to the events tab or click on the Register button below.

  2. After successful registration, you will be invited to attend a 45 min. informative session through Zoom to receive instructions and safety information. These sessions will be conducted on Thursdays after 18:00

  3. On Saturday of that week, you will meet the Helsingbutt team to pick up the safety and clean-up materials that we have prepared for you.

  4. During the following week, you will collect the cigarette butts in plastic bottles. You can dedicate as much time as you want and do it whenever is best for you.

  5. It is a requirement that you share in social media your cleanup activities using the hashtag #Helsingbutt and tag us in your publications displaying the location you are cleaning in your post. We encourage you to focus on areas like Söder, Helsingborg Center, Gröningen, Högaborg, and Slottshojden. If you do not have a social media account you need to take pictures and send them to

  6. Next Saturday, you will meet the Helsingbutt team again to count your bottles and return the materials.

  7. After all the participants have returned the materials and hand over the bottles, we will announce the winners through our social media channels, including pictures of all the bottles collected.

  8. Every week winners will get by email an Amazon gift card with the next values:

  • 1st place: 1000 SEK 

  • 2nd place: 700 SEK

  • 3rd place: 500 SEK


  1. To be a winner you need to collect the most number of butts during that week and prove that you have done the cleanup by sharing it through social media posts or pictures and tagging the location that you are cleaning.

Register for the clean-ups now.png


  • The minimum age to participate is 15 years old. Children can not participate.

  • We will provide tools but you can use what you like to collect the butts faster or easier as long as you keep yourself safe and work on the areas mentioned: Söder, Helsingborg C, Gröningen, etc.

  • Friends and family can help you but if you are one of the winners we can only grant you one card.

  • It would not be considered fair to fill in plastic bottles from ashtrays of private homes or public trash bins. You have to collect the butts from public spaces and the evidence will be in your posts. 

  • We consider a 500ml bottle a unit. For that reason, you can work with bottles of different capacities. For instance: a 1-liter bottle will be counted as 2 bottles, or a 2-liter bottle will be counted as 4 bottles if they are filled with butts.

  • We want to avoid gatherings so the activity should be individual but your friends can help you if they are registered as participants as well.

  • The minimal amount of bottles hand in (to be considered for the prices).